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    Moving is hard.
    Moving your DIRECTV
    is easy!
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  • DirecTV movers deal

    Take DIRECTV with you to your new address—we can help!

    With DIRECTV, you don’t have to miss a minute of your favorite shows. Just call us with your new address and move date and we’ll take care of the rest. And during your move, remember you can stream your favorite shows on your phone or tablet
    virtually anywhere!*

    Call 1.855.333.0032

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Get connected. Stay entertained.
No one does TV like DIRECTV—part of AT&T.

  • Watch While You Unpack

    Watch while you unpack

    Stream shows and movies to your tablet, phone, and mobile devices data-free* with AT&T wireless and the DIRECTV App.
  • Save with bundles

    Save a bundle with bundles

    Bundle DIRECTV with Internet, home phone, or wireless services from AT&T and save even more.**
  • Grant Every TV Wish

    Grant every TV wish with Genie®

    Watch in any room and eliminate recording conflicts when you upgrade to Genie—our most advanced HD DVR ever.***
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  • Wherever life takes you,
    your entertainment can follow.

    DIRECTV is available across the entire country, so you never have to settle for cable.
    DirecTV everywhere
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  • Move your DIRECTV service

    Call 1.855.333.0032 today

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