Get a new remote control

Need a new DIRECTV remote? Learn how to order a Genie or Universal remote control.


Order a new remote

You can order a new or replacement remote control by signing into your DIRECTV account. If you manage your DIRECTV account on, follow the myAT&T instructions below.

If you sign in to to manage your account, follow the instructions for users.

Online at myAT&T

  1. Go to TV equipment & service.
  2. In TV Accessories, choose your remote type and Add to your cart.
  3. Select Continue to review and Submit order.

myAT&T mobile app

  1. Open the myAT&T app on your mobile device.
  2. Select Manage DIRECTV package.
  3. Select View or change package.
  4. Scroll to My equipment and tap Order, set up or return.
  5. Select Order a remote, choose your remote type and Add it to your cart.
  6. Select Continue to review your cart and Submit order.

Online at

  1. Sign in to your DIRECTV account.
  2. From My Account, select My Equipment.
  3. Select Order New Accessories.
  4. Find your remote and select Add to cart.
  5. Review your order and select Check out.