Get started with the DIRECTV Genie remote

Learn what each button on your DIRECTV Genie remote control does, where to find the user guide, and how to program your remote.

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Download DIRECTV remote control user guide (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Discover what each button on your remote does. Find out how to program your remote to control your TV and devices.View PDF
How do I program my Genie remote?
Learn how to set up your remote to work with your Genie HD DVR, Genie Minis, or your TV and home audio system.
  1. Press MENU > Settings > Remote Control.
  2. Highlight and select Pair/Program Remote.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts.



Genie remote control button overview

  • MENU brings you to the DIRECTV home screen, where you can browse programs, get recommendations, manage your recordings, access extra features, review system settings, and more.
  • GUIDE displays the channel guide. Use the fast-forward or rewind buttons, located next to play, to jump ahead or go back as far as 12 hours.
  • Dash (-) takes you into the search experience along with more guide options. Here, you can sort programs by category, jump to a date and time, change your favorites list, and access Pay Per View.
  • R makes it easy to record a program. Press it twice to record an entire series.
  • LIST displays your recorded programs. Press the red circle button to delete a program.
  • INFO brings up the program description. Select INFO while watching live TV, scroll right, and select PIP to turn on Picture in Picture.
  • ENTER shows you a mini-guide while viewing your program. Press and hold ENTER for three seconds to cycle through the equipment connected to your TV.

Heads up:
Menu navigation on Genie HR34 receivers varies slightly.

Set up your remote

Want to program your remote? Go to Program your DIRECTV remote control - Genie to learn how.
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